Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Picture Perfect Art Journal with Video Tutorial by ~ Misty Russell

Hi!  Misty here today share an altered journal I created.  Altered journals are one of my favorite type of projects.  

They make for perfect little gifts and they are so easy to create.
This particular journal was made even easier thanks to Donna's beautiful fabric pieces! 
My favorite is the Lace Trim, but I'm also in love with the pennants...
Here I've used the Canvas Pennant as a pocket and embellishished it with the Lace Trims and 3D foam keys...
 I'm seriously amazed at how much abuse the foam keys will take.  I won't bore you with the how to's (because I have a video sharing my process), but they have taken several layers of painting and embossing and they turned out just how I wanted them to....nice and grungy!

With all of my journals I like to distress the pages to give it an aged look.  Thankfully with the Distrezz it all it only took a couple of minutes compared to the half hour it used to take me when I used to use a simple distressing definitely made my life easier!

To see how I created it, check out the video below:

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3D Foam Keys

Mix'd Media Inx (sparrow, peridot)
Mix'd Media Inx embossing powder (leather, peridot)

Distrezz it all

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  1. Just stunning. I love the canvas. the colors. such fabulous inspiration. TFS