Sunday, March 29, 2015

Believe in Fairies - Art Journal Page ~ by Mistra Hoolahan

Hi lovelies!  Today I have a lighthearted art journal page to share with you. I love winged things and hope to fill this journal with loads of them!  When my son was a toddler we used to tell him that the sparkles that would bounce off the crystals hanging in the window were fairies... for years he believed, it's one of my favourite memories, him laughing at the fairies.

First for this one I layered strips of texture using Donna's Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Texture Ribbons {Burlaps & Organza} and Lace Ribbons, and then added some clear texture with some blended fibres medium. Once dried I added my colour, starting by dabbing on some Chiffon Mix'd Media Inx ReInker. I helped this blend and run slightly by spraying it directly with water. The pages in the Denim Art Journal are thick enough to withstand this! Next I sprayed Smooch Spritz in Caramel Latte, Cashmere and Candle Glow, adding this from the top so it could run down.

The sweet little chipboard dress-forme was covered in Donna's Canvas Ribbon and Texture Ribbon {Burlap} from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L. I made her little skirt with some offcuts from Crafty Chronicles. Her wings were cut from Canvas Ribbon as well using Donna's Wonderful Wings Die by Spellbinders. She was then coloured using Caramel Latte, Cashmere and Candle Glow Smooch Spritz and her bodice sparkled up using Donna's Twinkle Dust Glitter from Clearsnap.

She's surrounded with bright yellow flowers that I made with Donna's Rose Creations Die by Spellbinders and then it was all nestled on one of Donna's Canvas Flags from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Pennant Set. I finished it all off with some sequins and some splatters if brown ink - I created a little bottle of ink using Donna's Leather Mix'd Media Inx Reinker mixed with some water.

Thanks for stopping by today, see you again soon!

Donna Salazar Designs Products used:

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Texture Ribbons {Burlap & Organza}
Canvas Ribbons
Pennant Set {Canvas Flag}
Denim Art Journal

Mix'd Media Inx Reinker - Chiffon, Leather
Smooch Spritz - Caramel Latte
Twinkle Dust Glitter - Sugar Shimmer

Wonderful Wings Die
Rose Creations Die

Partner Products
Clearsnap / Colorbox - Glue Gloss
Clearsnap / Colorbox - Smooch Spritz - Cashmere, Candle Glow
Spellbinders - Grand Calibur

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Take Me Deeper - Power Of The Spirit by ~Donna

Hello my peeps! I'm a little late posting the pics for this week's canvas for the Take Me Deeper project for His Kingdom Come. I used one of my favorite background techniques made with my Smooch Spritz from Clearsnap. This stuff does amazing things on untreated canvas and also when spritzed over acrylic paint. When you use it with water you can get the most amazing swirly effects.

The month of March is all about the journey to the cross. This week was when Jesus was tempted for 40 days and 40 nights then returned in the Power of the Spirit. I tried to show both night and day on this canvas with the darker blue and the stars on the left symbolizing the night. 

In the photo below you can see the swirls from the Smooch Sprit. The damask was made from a DecoArt stencil and Liquitex Ceramic Stucco texture paste. The stars were made with my E-Z Stars from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L™ and my Twinkle Dust glitter from Clearsnap.

 The birds were made with Ceramic Stucco texture paste from Liquitex then colored with a glaze made from my Pigment Powder in Gold from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L™ and Beacon's Fast Finish Decoupage.

When you use Smooch Spritz and water over wet acrylic paint then dry it with a heat gun you can get some really cool crackle effects on your projects. You can see how I got some crackle in the center of the canvas and some bubbling too. 

Product used:

E-Z Stars
Pigment Powder - Gold

Smooch Spritz - Wood Stain, Sea Breeze, River Mossy, Caramel Latte, Navy Twinkle
Twinkle Dust Glitter - Sugar Shimmer

Liquitex - Ceramic Stucco Texture Paste, Basics acrylic paint
Beacon Adhesives - Fast Finish Decoupage
DecoArt - Damask Stencil

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"One Day" Mixed Media Layout by ~ Misty

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing a special page I created for a sweet family who lost their son in December.  He was such a handsome and bright young man that everyone loved and this loss has effected our small community greatly.  You can read about the story here

I think about this family (and the family of the sisters) constantly.  I really wanted to something for them, so I decided to start an album using Donna's Denim art journal.  This of course, is just one of the pages that I've started...

Unfortunately, I'm not someone who creates with a picture already in my head. It usually starts with a background and then I go from there.  This particular picture seemed a perfect fit for the dreamy feel of the background. 

I decided that instead of throwing away the negatives to the 3D foam keys I would use them to create the texture in the background that I would usually get from modeling paste. 

This will probably be one of the last pages of the journal (see how well I plan? lol).  
It's a reminder that while the pain felt from losing Braeden is deep, it is only temporary.
One day they will be reunited again. <3

Here is the video:
(Unfortunately, I was having complications, and there's no background music)

Donna Salazar Designs Products

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Denim Art Journal 
3D Foam Keys
Lace Ribbons
Texture Ribbons (organza)

Mix’d Media Inx - peridot
Mix'd Media Inx Embossing - Leather, denim
Smooch Spritz - Caramel Latte, Candle Glow, Seabreeze
Twinkle Dust Glitter - Pralines & Cream

Partner Products

Scrapbooking Adhesives by 3L ~ DODZ™ - Small 1/4”

Monday, March 23, 2015

Organza Flowers by ~Donna

Hello my peeps! Today I have a video tutorial for you on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L® Blog. I am showing you how I made these organza flowers that are attached to sticks that my grandson gathered with me on one of our many walks. 

I'll show you how I made the center flower with my Bitty Blossoms and Carnation Creations dies from Spellbinders as well as how to create the organza flower. Just click below

In the photo below you can see how the flowers are attached to actual sticks, that the base is wrapped with lace and a couple other extra details that I added in, like the small organza flower and the die cut canvas leaf.

I hope you enjoy the step by step video tutorial Donna's Organza Flowers on the Scrapbook Adhesive by 3L® blog.

Product used:

Crafty Power Tape
Dodz™ 3D
Texture Ribbons (Organza)
Canvas Ribbons (light blue ribbon)
Lace Ribbons

Bitty Blossoms
Carnation Creations

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mother's Day Card by ~ Tracey Sabella

Hi, it's Tracey here to share my latest project featuring Donna's amazing girlie grunge products. Mother's Day will be here before you know it. I hope you will find inspiration in this card I created for my mom. 

Tips and Techniques
I created this Wispy Burlap Flower using Donna's Scrapbooking Adhesives by 3L Texture Ribbons (Burlap) and centered it with a Spellbinders Bitty Blossoms Flower. A tutorial for these burlap flowers can be found HERE.

Here's a side view of the Wispy Burlap Flower and a better view of the Bitty Blossoms flowers I tucked in.

Here's a view of the lower flower cluster. You can also see how I've layered the die cuts below the butterfly. I've run a strip of Donna's Textured Ribbons (Organza) and ribbon through one of the die cut layers. I folded the organza ribbon to fit the die cut slot and the looped lace covers the edges that meet in the center of the ribbon. I adore how this ribbon strip softens the card.

Another view of this cluster with another of my Bitty Blossoms flowers. I've added texture to the background with a stencil and molding paste, then colored around the clusters with Donna's Sea Breeze Smooch Spritz. Once dry, I splattered with thinned gesso. You can see here how I distressed the card edges with Donna's Zutter Distrezz-it-All.

I embrace the concept that it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. (Creatively speaking, that is!! lol) So I keep a ziplock bag of unused die cuts along with items left from creating tutorials like this sweet glittery butterfly. I only had to cut one more layer for the stacked die cuts, so this card came together pretty quickly. 

I've inked the edges of the dark layers with Clearsnap Jasmine Mix'd Media Inx and the light layers with Denim. Each of the die cuts is separated by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Foam Squares for added dimension. 

The edges of the butterfly are inked with Denim Mix'd Media Inx. I then dabbed the inked edges with Clearsnap Glue Gloss and sprinkled with Mixed Berries Twinkle Dust Glitter. A step by step photo tutorial for this sweet butterfly can be found HERE.

I hope you've been inspired to grab your girlie grunge Donna Salazar products to create a card for your mom, grandmother, or someone who has been a role model to you.

Thanks for stopping by today!

~ Blessings ~

Donna Salazar Products
Scrapbooking Adhesives by 3L
Texture Ribbons (Burlap/Organza)
Lace Ribbons

Mix’d Media Inx - denim, jasmine
Twinkle Dust Glitter - mixed berries
Smooch Spritz - Sea Breeze

Bitty Blossoms
Wonderful Wings


Partner Products
Spellbinders ~ Foilage Flourish
Spellbinders ~ Decorative Labels Twenty-Two
Spellbinders ~ Artisan X-plorer
Scrapbooking Adhesives by 3L ~ 3D Foam Squares - Regular, black
Scrapbooking Adhesives by 3L ~ 3D Foam Squares - Small, white
Clearsnap ~ Glue Gloss

Friday, March 20, 2015

Take Me Deeper "We Are Healed" by ~Donna

Hello my peeps! Today I'm sharing another 8x10 mixed media canvas that I created for the "Take Me Deeper" year long project on the His Kingdom Come site. This month we have been focusing on the journey to the cross in preparation for Easter. This has been challenging for me because the bible study and the main bible verses are really heavy (as they should be) but my artwork is usually lighthearted. I've had to create projects that are in line with the weekly prompt yet still reflect my personality, spirit and style. So I chose to use this week's supplemental bible verse Isaiah 53:5. 

Here is this week's canvas:

 Most of the background was made using Smooch Spritz and water directly on an untreated canvas. Drying the Smooch Spritz between colors insured that the colors wouldn't run together. I sealed the color onto the canvas with Beacon's Fast Finish Decoupage. I splattered some watered down white acrylic paint and dried the splatters then splattered more and sprinkled some Twinkle Dust Glitter in Sugar Shimmer over the splatters before I dried them. You can also see some of my new E-Z Stars on the canvas with my Mix'd Media Inx Embossing Powder in Jasmine.

 The heart was made with Flexible Modeling Paste from Liquitex then painted with Liquitex Basics paints. 

 I wanted to tie in the black from my signature and the bible verse (written with black Sharpie) so I added a wiggly black border all the way around the canvas.

I made the pretend band-aid from an index card. I used a foam pad and a stylus to get the rectangular shape in the middle. I used a watercolor pencil around the rectangle and the edges then used a paintbrush with water to blend the color. I dried it then sealed the front and back with Beacon's Fast Finish Decoupage. I adhered the band-aid to the heart using 3D Dodz™ and then decoupaged the first part of the bible verse onto the top left of the canvas and the last part of the bible verse onto the band-aid.

Product used:

3D Dodz™
E-Z Stars

Mix'd Media Inx Embossing Powder - Jasmine
Smooch Spritz - Wood Stain, Holly Berries, Sea Breeze
Twinkle Dust Glitter - Sugar Shimmer

Liquitex - Flexible Modeling Paste, Basics acrylic paint
Beacon Adhesives - Fast Finish Decoupage

Thanks for Stopping by!!! Smooches ~D~

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Do What Makes Your Soul Sing - Art Journal Page, by Mistra Hoolahan

Hi lovelies! Mistra here with you again today, sharing a page from my "Create" Journal I shared a few weeks ago. You can see the front cover in this post HERE. I love creating art journal, mixed media, girlie grunge pages... the process is fabulous. You just start by dabbling and then somehow it's all finished, like it almost created itself!

My base for this was one of the pages from Donna's Denim Art Journal, they are thick and chunky, so can handle anything I'm going to throw at it!   

I created this one at 'scrap camp' this weekend just gone. A couple of lovely girls sitting across from me often work on ATC's and always have such amazing techniques for backgrounds. I decided to try one for this. It was so simple! Crunch up some tissue, it could be plain or printed and adhere it to your base. Trim your edges, swipe on some embossing ink and then embossing powder and heat. The embossing gets stuck on all the ridges and creates this gorgeous effect.

I've used some Leather Mix'd Media Inx Embossing Powder for this one as I loved the shine it gave. I then added some more colour, using Mix'd Media Inx in Green Olive and Caramel Latte, with a touch of River Mossy.  

I created some flowers using some brown and green cardstock, cut using Donna's Rose Creations Die and a canvas butterfly using her Wonderful Wings Die, it was cut from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Pennant Set Canvas. 

Once all my embellishments were adhered, I gave everything a lick of dry brushed gesso, it helps all the embellishments to blend in with one another, especially handy when your colours are all quite bold and you wanted a more subtle look like I did for this piece. 

My final messy touch was rubbing in some Peridot Mix'd Media Inx ReInker. I just added a small drop from the ReInker bottle in the spots I wanted the colour and mixed it through with my finger, easy peasy!

The little typed word labels were inked with Peridot and Honey Mix'd Media Inx, helping the white not be so stark against the background.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Mis xo

Donna Salazar Designs Products

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Denim Art Journal 
Pennant Set {Canvas Flags}

Mix’d Media Inx - Peridot, Honey
Mix'd Media ReInker - Peridot
Mix'd Media Inx Embossing - Leather
Smooch Spritz - Caramel Latte, Green Olive, River Mossy

Rose Creations
Wonderful Wings

Partner Products
Clearsnap - Foam Applicators
Spellbinders - Grand Calibur