Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"One Day" Mixed Media Layout by ~ Misty

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing a special page I created for a sweet family who lost their son in December.  He was such a handsome and bright young man that everyone loved and this loss has effected our small community greatly.  You can read about the story here

I think about this family (and the family of the sisters) constantly.  I really wanted to something for them, so I decided to start an album using Donna's Denim art journal.  This of course, is just one of the pages that I've started...

Unfortunately, I'm not someone who creates with a picture already in my head. It usually starts with a background and then I go from there.  This particular picture seemed a perfect fit for the dreamy feel of the background. 

I decided that instead of throwing away the negatives to the 3D foam keys I would use them to create the texture in the background that I would usually get from modeling paste. 

This will probably be one of the last pages of the journal (see how well I plan? lol).  
It's a reminder that while the pain felt from losing Braeden is deep, it is only temporary.
One day they will be reunited again. <3

Here is the video:
(Unfortunately, I was having complications, and there's no background music)

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  1. Love the look of those Smooch Spritz ink sprays you used, Misty. I shall have to invest in some! Great outcome - thanks for sharing your process. :)

    1. Thank you Joy! I really love the warmth of the colors... :)

  2. Great page Misty! I cant watch the video :( , but I can imagane a lot :)

  3. What a beautiful tribute project for them ... just gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Well, this is you all over, doing something exceptional for someone else who is suffering. What an incredible page (I must see the others, hope they are all recorded). Amazing background, love how you used negatives from keys & dry wall tape. The colours are glorious too. As for the beautiful sentiment & their son with Angel wings.... Perfect my friend! You are a very very special person! Tk care. C 😉