Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Girlie Grunge Holiday Cards e-Class by ~Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps! It has been a reeeeeally long time since I've posted a new e-Class mostly because my days are no longer filled with craftiness 24-7. Now I'm running around chasing a toddler again and though I may not look like a tired grandma (at least in my edited photos for Facebook and Instagram... LOL) my body is not what it once was. But I am making the conscious effort to make time to do the things that I love and that fill my creative soul. That is not to say that building forts, inventing new autism friendly toddler games, and hugs & kisses from the sweetest little boy that ever walked the planet isn't fulfilling to my soul, I just need some artsy time every now and then... KWIM?

So enough of the rambling (see... this tired grandma can't even stay on task... LOL). Here are the 3 Holiday cards that are in my new e-Class: Girlie Grunge Holiday Cards e-Class

This is a totally fun e-Class where you will learn how to make 3 separate Holiday Cards. You can choose to purchase just the e-Class where you will get a slide presentation, video tutorial, and downloadable step by step instructions for $10 OR you can get the e-Class PLUS all 3 card kits that include all the die cuts, embellishments and most adhesives for just $30 plus shipping. 

The 3 cards that will be made in this e-Class are shown above. The downloadable class instructions, slide presentation and video tutorial will be available inside the classroom on November 1st.
The e-Class instructions will include 2 separate supplies list. The first will be for the students who have purchased the e-Class only option and will include a list of all the dies, adhesives, and embellishments that were used on these cards. The second will be for the students who have purchased the e-Class with the kit. The kit includes all the die cuts, embellishments, ribbons (I even tied the bows for you), and most of the adhesives that you will need. The kits don't include ink, glitter or the E-Z Stars Runner.
Click on the class link to get the details: Girlie Grunge Holiday Cards e-Class

And here is a Quick Craft Tip for you. The technique below is one that I've shared before using my Bitty Blossoms from Spellbinders but I've been loving the look of these flowers when you add flower stamens into the center before you roll them. 

Begin by cupping the petals of the Bitty Blossom then lay the flower stamens (folded in half) on the skinny end (the outside edge not the center with the circle tab) and begin rolling the flower.

When you get to the end add a Dodz™3D to the inside of the circle tab and fold over.

The ends of the flower stamens will stick out so just cut them off.

To finish the flower use a stylus, toothpick, paper piercer, etc... to roll the petals outward.

Here are a couple of the finished flowers.
This technique and more will be in the detailed instructions and there will also be video tutorials as well when the class goes live on Nov 1st.

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