Thursday, November 13, 2014

Classes by Donna

Hey my peeps! If we've been cyber buds for a while then you know that I used to teach LOTS of live classes. With stores closing left and right locally, it was getting harder and harder to schedule stuff. So I adapted; Most of my classes have been online and I've offered a bunch of freebie stuff on my YouTube channel. BUT... now that I've moved to a new city, I have a local store that is the KEY-YOU-TEST little store that you've ever seen and I'm going to start teaching there regularly!

It is called Pages of Tyme and it just so happens to be right smack dab next to my FAVE beautiful hiking trail (with the "evil hill" that is really steep and never ending but really gets my heart pumpin).  The full trail takes me an hour and a half but it is soooo worth it! If you follow me on Instagram I post pics of the beautifulness quite a bit.

So... back to my class (My A.D.D. shows up even in my blog posts... LOL)

Store info and class description
25108 Marguerite Parkway, Ste D
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
PH: 949-455-0555
Christmas Card Buffet
Saturday, December 6th
2:00 - 4:30
In this 2.5 hour class Donna will show you how to set up your own card buffet so that you can create your holiday cards (that will look like you spent hours on each one) both quickly and efficiently! You will also be learning some of Donna's FAVE techniques like how to make her signature paper flowers using her dies from Spellbinders, inky fun with her Mix'd Media Inx, drippy-spritzy happiness with her Smooch Spritz, distressing up your cards and embellies with her Distrezz-it-All... and more! You will make 3 cards similar to her class samples and then you will be released upon the wonderful buffet of girly grunge goodness so that you can make a couple more on your own (or with a little guidance from Donna).

Here is a sneak peek picture of the cards and some of the card buffet goodies in the background:
And here is a sneak peek of the supplies for the 3 main cards kitted up all "cute like" with the cards in the background:

The cards are on display in the store so if you want to see them close up you can see them there.

I've also got a couple new e-Classes on my Girlie Grunge site:

This hand crafted 3D "Girlie Grunge Cardboard Cross" e-Class has a ton of techniques and it is in my Value e-Classes section for ONLY $5. You will learn how to completely assemble the cross from flat pieces of cardboard and kraft paper, how to customize paint color, how to get a crackle finish, how to add touches of color to the edges with CHOX, and how to add the twine, beads and embellies. 
CLICK HERE for more info

This is an adorable house that I'll show you how to build from large shipping tags and bits of cardboard. The finished house is about 6" high. You can use any colors that you like to make it match your own home decor. You get a 15 page very detailed downloadable step by step instructional pdf with photos as well as a 15 minute narrated presentation with large photos. 
CLICK HERE for more info

 And I've even got a FREEBIE class (that is a simplified "mini-me" version of what you will see in most of my e-Classes) so you can get a feel for what the e-Classes are like. 

I hope you can join me LIVE at Pages of Tyme in December 
or anytime in one of my e-Classes!

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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    I hope the Peeps at Pages of Thyme know how flipping LUCKY they are to have you. I'm so envious. (funny we had a LSS called Seasons in Thyme) but the owners moved back to Southern sad. anyway...I still love to follow you and continue to be inspired and of course take on-line classes from you. Thanks so much. Have a beautiful weekend...OH BTW, I always share pics of your sweet Grandson with my daughter who now lives in Austin and she and her family just made John and I Grandparents a month ago. So I was in Austin for almost a the whole month having a blast with our little guy. They are truly blessings and such a joy. I can't wait for them to be here in Dec. OK....gotta run and read the rest of your BLOG. hugs

    1. Marchelle... you are just as sweet as can be!!! I wish you lived closer so that you could take live classes. At least we have our online cyber friendship... LOL!