Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cre8time with Donna

Hello my peeps! I have been making sure to carve out some time for creating blog posts, creating new e-Classes for the Girlie Grunge site and even to Cre8time for ME! Taking time for yourself is soooo important. My Bestie has her masters in Clinical Psycology and even she forgets that she needs to make sure to do some "self care" each week. So my "Me" time this week was to do an art journal page and I used the new journal that I made for my True Scrap 6 class. It kinda ended up looking like a scrapbook page but I really like it anyway. 

I have some pics for you below as well as some step by step photos... ENJOY!!! 

I practice my techniques on bits of vintage book pages cut into circles and I keep them on hand in case I can use them on something cool. In this case, I painted the pages with white acrylic paint then adhered the circles to the wet paint. I then "blobbed" (that is my "technical term"... LOL) some decoupage medium onto the page and blended it with a brush.

You will want to make sure that anything that covers where the pages connect is pressed into the groove to make the pages easier to turn. 

I "dribbled" (again another of my "technical terms"... LOL) some of my Sea Breeze Smooch Spritz over the wet paint and decoupage medium.

I misted the page with a generous amount of water...

Then I tilted the page so it was sitting vertically on my table and the drips could run freely down the page.

Again... while the mediums were still wet I used a heat gun to dry the drips to create a crackle where the different mediums were blending. This is one of my FAVORITE things about creating mixed media pieces.

This is a close up of the Smooch Spritz crackling over the paint.

Here is another close up of the crackling Smooch Spritz.

I added a Silhouette die cut, UmWow Studio chippies, and 3L Scrapbook Adhesives kraft photo corners around my photo.

I stapled some paper flowers to the edges that were made using my Spellbinders Carnation Creation and Grand Peonies dies and Graphic 45 papers. 

I spritzed some Wood Stain Smooch Spritz into a bowl and used the cap to the large glass Spritz bottles from Clearsnap as my applicator.

I added circles randomly across the page.

I did the same with the Caramel Latte Smooch Spritz.

I dried the circles with my heat gun.

I added bits of torn paper, tags, book pages, etc... A lot of these bits were extras left over from other projects that were still sitting on my table and they had glitter, decoupage medium, Inx or CHOX already on them.

And here is the finished page in good lighting.

Here is a close up of some of the detail... UmWow chippies, Smooch Spritz circles, crackled background, 3L Scrapbook Adhesives photo corner...

Here is a close up of more of the background showing the torn papers, Spellbinder's flower, and a teeny tiny UmWow Studio heart.

This is a good close up of the crackled background, Silhouette die cut, and one of my technique practice circles.

And here is the bottom right corner showing more crackle, the Spritz circles, more torn paper bits, the Spellbinder's flower, and another UmWow Studio chippie.

Product used:
Smooch Spritz - Sea Breeze, Wood Stain, Caramel Latte
Carnation Creations, Grand Peony Creations
Kraft Photo Corners
Basics Paint - Titanium White
Tiny House Mash
Love You To The Moon & Back

I'm going to be doing a LIVE interview on Spreecast with Lain Ehmann on Thursday, October 9th at 12:00 PM Pacific to talk about our upcoming True Scrap 6 event later this month. It is a totally interactive video interview so you will get to see my dorky facial expressions and hear my unedited answers to your questions. It will be totally FUN and I hope that you can join us!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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