Saturday, August 16, 2014

Before & After "Painting Re-Do" by ~Donna

Hi my peeps! I originally created this painting back in the early 90's using an image that I got from a photography magazine. I loved the composition of the photo and thought it would make a great painting. We were young and struggling and I didn't have any canvas on hand so I painted on a thick piece of chipboard. I ended up loving the girl but I didn't like that the chipboard warped and that the background made it so you couldn't see her hair. I put her in a frame behind glass and every time I really looked at it the background always bothered me.
When we moved and we started to paint and fix things up I started to get an idea of how I could re-do this painting so that it fit more into my style now. I decoupaged a canvas with vintage book pages, Fast Finish Decoupage and white paint and let it dry completely. I cut the girl away from the background, adhered her to the canvas and then I began to add color to the background. 

I mixed Fast Finish Decoupage with Wood Stain Smooch Spritz and a tiny bit of brown paint and added it to the edges of the girls body and blended outward. I mixed Fast Finish Decoupage with Sea Breeze Smooch Spritz and blended into some of the brown areas. I added drips of the Wood Stain and Sea Breeze mixed together across the top of the canvas and sprayed Mixed Berries Smooch Spritz directly onto the canvas to make the drips blend and lengthen. 
I dried the canvas completely then spread a THICK layer of Fast Finish Decoupage over the entire canvas. I let it dry in the sun then added another layer of Fast Finish Decoupage. I repeated this a couple times to have a nice thick layer of protection over the chipboard. It did make the chipboard warp even more (which had me worried) but as the painting dried over the next 24 hours most of the warping went away and there is less warping now than when it was behind glass.

This is the finished result.

So even though my Smooch Spritz isn't "designed" for fine art, you can absolutely use it for fine art as long as you add some kind of binding medium. Any decoupage medium, gel mediums, and even Gum Arabic will work.

Product used 
Smooch Spritz - Wood Stain, Sea Breeze, Mixed Berries
Beacon Adhesives:
Fast Finish Decoupage
Basics Acrylic Paint - White & Brown

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