Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun with Hazel & Ruby

So this post doesn't really have anything to do with Donna Salazar Designs product but it is a fun post anyway and I love to support my friends who are starting their own companies. I got some really fun stuff from my friend, Lindsay, from Hazel & Ruby at CHA. I've seen a lot of adorable home decor made with their stuff but I haven't seen anyone use their stuff the way that we did and I love the way our canvases turned out!!!

We made 2 different canvases. This first one began as just a plain white canvas.

 This second canvas was painted in light colors first with acrylic paint and my Smooch Spritz from Clearsnap. Once it was dry I added the clings on top of the paint.

 We added an adorable baby and some baby safe paints...

And we let him go to town!

 We changed the colors multiple times... baby wipes were used aplenty!

 We put the paint on his hands with a paintbrush to try to contain the mess a bit... not sure that it really helped... LOL!

This is their canvas after we removed the clings.

 This is my canvas using more muted colors.

 It was a full family affair with his daddy, my son Zack...

 ... And his mommy, Adriana...

 ... And his auntie, Genna & his grandma (that's me!)

My grand baby, Hunter, with his mom and dad.

 This is my canvas before we removed the clings.

 And after we removed the clings.

 And this is the canvas after I added some details with a fine point Sharpie.

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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  1. What an adorable project. Looks like everyone had a fun painty day. Sincerely, Elaine Rico

  2. those projects are just too cute along with the captured pics!!!

    ironically I picked up a few of Hazel & Ruby's stencil mask last week from Micheals...they actually had them on special:)