Saturday, March 1, 2014

ICE Resin Talisman

Hello my peeps. I know it has been a while since I've personally written a post and I hope you all miss me as much as I'm missing you. Before I show you my ICE Resin Talisman I thought I should catch everyone up on what has been going on with the Salazar gang.  I'm happy to say that things are beginning to look up. Danny's parents health is improving, his mom is cancer free and his dad's kidneys are getting better. We still need prayer for his dad's heart surgery which will be scheduled soon. My son, Zack, has found a job and things are getting better with his fiance (they are engaged again... yay!) So that means that we have been able to spend a LOT of time with my grandson, Hunter (who is the most amazing baby on the face of the planet... in case you were wondering).

I've been MIA because we had originally planned on moving to a new place on April 1st but things got bumped up a bit when we found a place that met all our needs and we decided to move out on March 1st!!!  The timing was terrible because it meant that I had to be moving on my 45th birthday (and yes it was yucky). The nice thing about this place is that it was sitting empty so I was able to go in and paint before we moved in. I was able to finish all the bedrooms, the living room, and of course my studio before we moved in. I still have to finish the kitchen (which is a lovely shade of orange right now) then I'll finish the halls and bathrooms... but not until after we are all unpacked and settling in. With all the painting and packing I haven't been able to blog or even create pretty things so I'm dying to get my studio ready so I can get back to it! 

So... on to the ICE Resin Talisman. Before CHA I created a necklace with my "One Little Word" or OLW in Resin. 
This word is my focus word for the year and I chose "Strength" (which has proven to be very fitting). I showed it to Jen Cushman and she loved it because I created what Susan Lenart Kazmer might refer to as a Talisman... or what some people might refer to as a lucky charm. When Susan traveled the world in the early 1990s collecting, studying and selling beads and later helped to found the Greater Chicago Bead Society, she learned that in all cultures, humans adorn themselves for some type of symbolical representation. These studies led her to create jewelry from her own culture from found objects. Her work in Talismans, amulets and gypsy magic and healing has been a large focus of Susan's work for the past 20+ years. You will see the word Talisman used often at ICE Resin. It's because we believe that words have power, and meaning. Words, combined with ICE Resin and imagery and our bezels helps others to create powerful personal artifacts -- Jewelry -- that can be used to help the wearer feel focused or protected or even loved in some magical way.

I also used some of Susan's Relique Enamel on some of my charms to give them a girlie grunge look and I added in some natural stones that are significant to me: Amethyst (my birthstone), Moonstone (my favorite stone) and Opalite (because it's pretty). 
I wanted the necklace to be unique so I made the two sides different, which I've never done before. The left side is leather and the right is a chain and charms.
So begins the year-long ICE Resin Talisman project, starting with me... today!!! 
ICE Resin Talisman Project - it's all about empowering ourselves to make "it" happen

The Sketch n Color Challenge post is normally on the 1st of each month but it will be posted on the 2nd this month. 

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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  1. Beautiful work, love the different components. x

  2. Ohhhh it's still so pretty. I really love this necklace Donna. Thanks for creating it, wearing it and mostly for giving me a great idea that the rest of us and carry on for all of 2014! Glad life is looking up and things are moving forward. Stay STRONG, baby!

  3. What a gorgeous piece, Donna!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  4. Happy to see you posting and so happy that things are looking up for your family! :)

    Thank you for reminding me about having a word to help focus my energy for the year. I have been doing that for several years now, but realized while reading your post I haven't yet this year. Thank you for sharing yours and for showing you talisman.