Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sentimental Signs by ~Donna

Hello my peeps and Merry Christmas Eve!

Today I'm sharing some signs that I made using products from my friends at Hazel & Ruby. Io love giving hand made gifts at Christmas. I made these signs for my mom and sisters from pieces of an old rocking chair that was my great grandpa's. This chair was big and sturdy with a base that had springs and upholstered cushions... So not your average wooden rocking chair. The chair had been in my home since a short time after Danny and I got married back in 1989. The wood on the base had cracked and after being fixed over and over again it finally got to the point where it was more metal braces and wood glue than wood and it just wasn't fixable any more. I didn't want to throw the chair away because it had too much sentimental value. So when we moved I took some of the larger pieces of wood knowing that I would make keepsakes of some kind for the girls in our family and that is exactly what I did!

My personal TIPS for using Hazel & Ruby stencil masks:
*Using Beacon's Fast Finish Decoupage on the background gives you the PERFECT base
*A dry background will release the stencils easiest
*Using baby wipes immediately after use is the easiest way to clean the stencils
*Dont use stencils on anything dusty, dirty or on untreated fuzzy material

This first sign is my Mom's (it was her grandpa's chair) so I gave her the largest piece:
My son, Zack, came up with the silly title.
The sign below is what I made for my oldest sister. I remembered to take some close up shots of this sign so I decided to share them with you.

To get the distressed beach sign look, I painted over the letters, removed them and dried the paint, then I placed the masks back on the sign and traced around them with a black Sharpie.

The sign below is the one I made for my baby sister who is an amazing photographer. 

And the last sign is the one that I made for myself. 

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