Tuesday, November 4, 2014

About Donna & A "His Kingdom Come" Giveaway

Hello my peeps!  Today I am celebrating the launch of a brand new online Christian Creative Community: His Kingdom Come. We are a team of talented Christian artists that have come together to launch this exciting new community and I am one of the moderators for the Mixed Media Group.

His Kingdom Come is an online Community where fellow Christians can encourage, share and learn about Christianity and explore the God-given creativity that He has put in us all. It will be a safe place to share your faith, be inspired, and explore creativity across many art mediums - journaling, mixed media, painting, bible journaling, textiles, watercolor and more. His Kingdom Come will offer free tutorials, technique classes, devotionals, crafts to celebrate the holidays, opportunities to go deeper in your faith and in your knowledge of God and the Bible. The website will also offer Christian artists a platform to host classes (free or fee-based) which you will be able to sign up for.

I've been asked to share a little about who I am and my creativity because even if we've been cyber buddies for a while you might not know my story.

ABOUT ME: I am a wife, mom, grandma, artist, designer, teacher and kid at heart. I have been married for over 25 years to my high school sweetheart, I have 2 adult children and one grandson (who is the most handsome and wonderful baby ever to be born!). I went to church with my grandma when I was little but I wasn't saved until I was 16. My mom gave me a bible for Christmas that year and it is the same bible I use today! I have been involved with prayer ministry, youth ministry, women's ministry, I've run bible studies from my home, and my hubby and I ran a children's ministry (nursery through Jr. High) for almost 5 years at our previous church.
high school: marriage:
son:   daughter:


MY ARTISTIC STYLE: I took art as an elective my Freshman year in high school (because my mom forced me to) and I fell in LOVE with it! I was going to college to get my degree in Fine Arts but left it all to be a wife and mom. I love Inky-Painty-Glitzy-Grunginess... what I call my “Girly Grunge” look. My style is especially appealing to mixed media artists; however, my love of flowers and all things sparkly seems to appeal to crafters of all types and styles. I think what I'm known most for is my handmade paper flowers (which have evolved over the years but began all the way back in early 2008). Here is one of my first flower videos that was filmed with my girlfriends from the scrapbook reality show "Scrapbook Lifestyles": watch HERE Eventually I teamed up with Spellbinders and came out with my very own Donna Salazar flower dies. Here is the video for the launch of my very first flower die with Spellbinders: watch HERE

How does your faith impact your creativity? 
Not every project that I make is faith based but my faith has been finding it's way into my artwork since High School. There are a few chapters or verses in the bible that have had the most impact on my life and these are the words that have ended up in my artwork. Sometimes all I need is just one word like the word "LOVE" (which I use a LOT), and which is also used in the bible, like a gajillion times! 

The canvas below is a mixed media piece that I created a couple years ago (I added the crown because I'm a daughter of the King)

The acrylic painting below is on a vintage glass window that I painted back in 2000 - Gal 5:22-23

This is my newest painting that is hanging on a wall in my living room. It is about 8 feet wide - Rom 12:2

Why did you accept the moderator position for this group? 
Our church closed a few years ago and we were kinda like lost sheep for a while. We found a new church home but we haven't stepped back into ministry. I'd been praying for a way to get back into ministry in a way that would seamlessly work with my crazy schedule and then I got an e-mail from Shonna, asking if I wanted to be involved. Isn't it wonderful when you get a very obvious, in your face, it can't be a coincidence, answer to your prayers!?!? I'm proud to be part of a team of Christian artists who will be helping with the launching of this one of a kind Christian Faith Art Community!

What do you want the group to be, do, etc?

I'd love for this group to be a way for people to be encouraged to not keep their faith in a separate box from their artistic lives. Using your God given talent to create something that is from your soul moves you in a way that not many other things can. It can be a form of praising God from the absolute center of your being.

What other areas of creativity do you dabble in?
If it is creative... I want to dabble in it: draw, paint, sculpt, mixed media, paper crafting, jewelry making, home decor, creating artistic altered clothing, knit/crochet, cooking, photography... I love it All! I've got a few example random pics for you below.

Below is a home decor house that is an e-Class on my site. 

(You can get more info about this $8 E-Class HERE)
Below is a necklace I made with odds and ends and the center bezel is made with ICE Resin.
Below is a denim apron and wings that my daughter and I made for Elena from Charity Wings.
Below is a HUGE blanket that I made for my hubby.

Below are a couple photos that I took of my grandson.

What are your hopes for this new community?
I hope that people will be inspired artistically and in their faith by looking through the galleries. 
I hope that the story behind this ministry/community will encourage people to also participate in whichever group they feel called to. 
I hope that there will be opportunities for people to be prayed for and ministered to through the community and forums.
I hope that it will be a FUN place to be because I'm a goofy, fun-loving, kinda gal.

Please remember to comment below this post (here on my blog) and join our community HERE. We will randomly choose one lucky winner from the people who join our community TODAY to win a great prize! 

I hope you are as excited as I am at being part of this new online ministry/community. Our vision is to build an online community, (not just be a project-led site) a place where you can find encouragement, share your heart, your problems, and hopefully find inspiration and friendship.

To join our community please visit His Kingdom Come

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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  1. So lovely to find out more about you.

  2. Donna, we are so blessed that God provided HIS Kingdom Come for you to be a part of. I love your work and your heart. Thanks for being a featured moderator today.

    1. Thanks Diane! I'm so glad that Shonna contacted me!!! I can't wait to get started!

  3. Hi Donna. Love the new community idea and want to join but none of the links to get into it are working. The same is true on your personal and designs Facebook pages - tried to send a message on each of those and it won't post. Don't know if the problem is with your page or if it's Facebook glitching. (that seems rather common, right? lol). Please help. I would really like to become a member of this wonderful new community.

    1. Hi Pam,
      I tried all the links and they seem to be working. Maybe it was a temporary glitch?
      Smooches ~D~

  4. You are too cute ... thanks for sharing about yourself and art. God Bless you on this new venture!

    1. Thanks Mardi! What a sweet thing to say!!! :)

  5. Thanks Donna!! I LOVED getting to know you better!! We don't live too far from each other, so I'm hoping that we can get together sometime!! I can't wait to see the wonderful art and projects you and your group create!! Peace and Blessings to you!! P.S. You are so right about your grandson...such a cutie pie!!!!

    1. That would be such HOOT! We definitely should plan a day!

  6. This is so awesome...a community of followers in Christ and art too! So exciting!

  7. Donna- You are so amazing, and I am so pleased to be able to hopefully share this part of our lives with all of your fun inspiration. You are so gifted and I can't wait to participate with this extension of sharing things spiritually. It will be a great comfort.

    1. Marchelle,
      You are the absolute sweetest!!! Thanks for always being so supportive and joining in whenever you can! :)

  8. I'm so excited to get the opportunity to mingle with you in the community!! YAY!

    1. OMG... you are so sweet, Susie! Thanks!!! :)

  9. So excited to be working with you at His Kingdom Come!

    1. Thanks Marjolaine!!! I'm excited to be working with you too! We'll have to meet up at CHA! :)

  10. This sounds wonderful, I have been wondering how I can create in a more personal reflection of my faith and I think I will really enjoy this as well as learn more about creating in my art journal!