Thursday, June 12, 2014

New e-Classes on the Girlie Grunge Site

Hello my peeps. I know I've been kinda MIA... but I'm back in the saddle and raring to go (okay, I sounded a little yeehaw there... LOL). But seriously, I've started with two blog post in one day and I'm doing my videos again and adding a bunch of classes to the Girlie Grunge site and I'll be working on doing more blog posts and making lots of new projects. Plus I'm designing new product and will have sneak peeks of all of that when I'm allowed to show you. 

Now don't tell anybody but it's been over 3 months since I've done an actual scrapbook page (GASP!). But now that we are mostly moved in and my studio is mostly unpacked, I can start playing working again. ;)

And speaking of my studio... have you seen my new blackboard backdrop? My new videos are going to be called "Quick Craft Tips" with Donna which is why I made the hashtag and letters with my silhouette so it will always be on the board. 
The picture above is from my Instagram feed. Even though I haven't been blogging, I've been posting lots of pictures. If you want to follow my crafty life as it unfolds (with LOTS, and LOTS, and LOTS, of baby pics and vids too) my Instagram profile is donnasalazar (I know, I know... so original! LOL).

And now some info about the classes!!!
I'm now going to offer my Grungy Girl Technique Series on the Girlie Grunge site! The classes will cost only $10 or less! I've uploaded the first class and I'll be loading the rest over the next few weeks. You'll have lifetime access to all of the classes so you can do them at your own pace and even craft in the middle of the night if you like.

And here is the first class that has been uploaded.

For more info about this $10 Mixed Media Box class CLICK HERE.

I created the Kitchen Sink Vision Book project late last year but then life threw us a curve when we had to suddenly move to a new city. I re-created the project and added more goodies to the book and kit and the class will be opening NEXT WEEK! There are only 12 spots left so if you are interested you should head over to the site and sign up ASAP! 
The book itself is a GREAT class and the kit is jam packed... but you also get the benefit of creating your vision. I firmly believe in having a vision for your life. I had kinda gotten off track and was living in a negative slump (from the whole moving thing). Even though I had created a vision a long time ago I had really stopped focusing on it. Going through the vision exercises and creating a revised vision has helped my positivity and focus. Shortly after creating my new vision I had a FANTABULOUS opportunity present itself that was even beyond what I had been hoping for. Having a vision, believing in that vision and adding emotion to your belief has a power beyond explanation. I hope that you will join me on this amazing journey!!! 

And here is the promo video for the class (it's a little silly but that is me)

If you want to get more info or sign up for the class CLICK HERE.

Well that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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  1. new products???!!! can't wait! and videos too :)

  2. I have missed you & missed getting crafty. I have been in move mode as well as unpack & stack mode!!!
    All signed up the for Kitchen Sink Vision Book project...woohoo...can't wait to get inky girlie grunge style:)