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Art For A Cause - Charity Wings Art Center

A Belated Merry Christmas!
I had this post 90% finished and was going to post it on Christmas morning but my family was given the "gift" of the stomach flu on Christmas Eve. We are barely starting to resurface now so I'm a little late on my Christmas greeting. Since I'm a "silver lining" kind of a girl, I can say that I've gotten a great head start on my new years resolution to lose weight! From my family to yours, we are hoping that your Christmas was merry and that the new year will bring you happiness, joy and prosperity!

Artwork For A Cause
On December 7th I participated in "LIVE ART" at the Charity Wings Art Center where IWXO played their music and I painted live. I had all my artwork on display, we had yummy food to eat, great music and great people attending who love art and our friends at Charity Wings. My paintings are still on display until January 7th and if you purchase one of them the proceeds will benefit the Art Center PLUS you get to claim your purchase as a charitable donation for 2013. How awesome is that? You get a tax write off AND you get to keep the artwork!

Here is a little info about the Charity Wings Art Center:  They provide free art classes and events for other nonprofit organizations both onsite and online, offering their beneficiaries  an outlet for creative expression, as well as the hope and healing that only art can provide.  Their new 6000 sq ft community art center hosts a open studio, ceramics, sewing, polymer clay, metal smithing, jewelry making, mixed/multi media arts, kids area, tools and much much more. For community members, the art center offers art classes, events, and  open studio hours which include access and use of all of the art supplies.  Private artist studios are also available for rent. Charity Wing Art Center memberships start at only $10 a month.
Below are photos of the paintings that are for sale. You can pick up the paintings at the Art Center or they can be shipped to you. Shipping charges will be calculated by Charity Wings.

"Art" $150
This is an 11"x14" mixed media painting on stretched canvas. There are layers upon layers of wonderful mixed media textures on this painting. The soothing colors are in contrast with the chaotic background which relates to the quote on the painting "Art is an attempt to bring order to chaos"

"Be Happy" $275 SOLD
This is a 16"x20" mixed media painting on stretched canvas. Various paper textures, texture pastes and even glass bead gel make up the background that makes you want to reach out and touch it. The quote on this canvas says "Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too".

Bloom & Grow $150
This is an 8"x16" mixed media painting/assemblage on stretched canvas. The background is a mix of deep rich colors with sheer glossy letters that allow you to see the decoupage text behind them. There is also some encaustic work, copper tape, and paper flowers. It is a very unique piece.

"Blue" $75
This is a mixed media painting on wood. There are multiple layers of color using acrylic paint and spray dyes. There are also several different textures created with paint and texture pastes but you can still see the woodgrain which gives this painting a natural and almost oceanic feel to it. 
This is a solid piece of wood so it is heavier than a regular canvas. There is a metal hanger installed on the back of this artwork to allow you to hang it on your wall or it can be set on a shelf with other artwork.

"Chandelier Sketch" $300 SOLD
This is the largest mixed media painting on stretched canvas in my collection. It has layers upon layers of paint, texture paste, and encaustic wax. There are so many different textures that you won't be able to resist the urge to reach out and run your hand over the bricks, drips and other various bumpies. The base color underneath the white wash and wax is black but there are spots of mint green, pink, and cream.

"Heart" $75
This is an 8"x16" mixed media painting on stretched canvas. This, again, is a very textured painting. The heart is built up with decoupaged paper and texture paste. The background is very textured as well and the blue die emphasizes the peaks and dips as the drips wind their way toward the edges of the painting.

"Hope" $100
This is a 16"x20" mixed media painting on stretched canvas. The quote says "HOPE Where flowers bloom so does hope." Lady Bird Johnson. The background is a beautiful teal color with accents in peach, cream, blue and brown. The flower shaped stenciled images in the background have a hint of text and color. There is also a lattice texture over the background as well.

"Levi's Specimen" $50 SOLD
This is an 8"x10" mixed media painting on stretched canvas. There is a ton of texture pressed into the canvas using wire mesh plus cheesecloth embedded in the background. There are mostly warm tones used to create the drip effect with some accents of brown and blue. The Levi's pocket is coated in glitter and pinned to the canvas like a butterfly specimen.

"{Love}" $50 SOLD
This is an 8"x10" mixed media painting on stretched canvas. The brick and floral textures are made with texture paste and stencils. The color was added mostly with my Smooch Spritz sprays so there is a TON of sparkle and opalescence.

"Love... You" $225 SOLD
This is a 16"x20" mixed media painting on stretched canvas. There are lots of touchy feely textures on this canvas from the bricks and floral stencil with texture paste to the built up paper decoupaged heart. Gold paint was used to highlight some of the texture in the heart. The quote says "Home is not where you live but where they LOVE you."

"Peachy Dream" $175
This is a 16"x20" mixed media painting on stretched canvas. There is a lot of movement and texture on this canvas. The background has brick and damask images stenciled in plus some less obvious damask images as well.

"Pretty In Pink" $375
This is a very long and tall mixed media painting on thin plywood so it is a little heavier than your average painting. There are layers upon layers of various texture pastes that give this painting such a unique look.

The background is mostly palette knife work and some brick stenciling. There are lots of drips and extra added touches of texture all over this painting with highlighted textures in some areas using white acrylic paint.

On top of the background is a pink flower painted with acrylic paint. The flower is painted right over the textures so it seems to be above it all.

"Mystical Trio" $400 SOLD
This is one of my favorites from this collection. There are 3 paintings, 2 that are 11"x14" and one that is 16"x20". There is lots of texture in the background using various texture pastes and the wonderful effects from the dripping texture are what I love the best. These are meant to be hung side by side in the order shown above.

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  1. Being sick is a yucky way to spend Christmas. Good thing celebrating Jesus birthday can be extended!! Hope you & your family are 100% better now!! Prayers & hugs!

  2. They are all so lovely but that Pretty in Pink flower one is my absolute favorite. Wish I had the money to buy it lol.