Monday, October 7, 2013

Art Journal Page by ~Nadia Canizzo

Hey everyone. I hope you are all well. 

So I have really been experimenting with mixed media these days and am really loving art journalling. It had always appealed to me in the past, but it looked way too complicated and I found it intimidating to even start. But then, one day a couple of months ago I just went for it. I bought a cheap A5 art journal from The Scrapbook Store and a couple of colours and mists and decided to go for it. 

I think the most overwhelming part of the mixed media and art journalling world is the abundance of products that is out there. You just do not know what ALL those colour mediums do or how to use them correctly and you really do not want to experiment too much with products that cost quite a bit right? I have found it all too much, I will be honest. 

So what is the answer? First of all, I gave myself permission (yeah!) to accept the fact that all this art journalling business does NOT need to look like every one else's! No, it doesn't! Your art journal is just like the diary you wrote in high school.. they all look the same on the outside but the writing on the inside was yours, and it was personal and only you could write it that way. Right? Same with art journalling.. sure there is a whole heap of technique that you could put into it but you know, this is only my 3rd page EVER and I am sure there are a million other ways it could have been done but this is what i chose to do and THAT IS OK! I am learning and experimenting too so every new page is a new possibility. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Ok you trial stuff, you might waste a bit of money here or there and you might not like some things you make but why not just give it a go and see where it leads? For me.. I am hooked! I like the no rules type of thing...being the closet rebel I am LOL!

But anyway, if you can afford to buy some basics like gel mediums, gesso, some acrylic paints and other colour mediums then do so. But them in small bottles to start with just to see what  you like.. You do not want to spend $50 on a 1L gel medium that doesn't work for you! Maybe buy a little at a time but while you are building up your stash why not use what you already have? 

In today's post I am showing you how to use things you probably have at home. I hope so anyway.. 

Here is my art journal page

My journalling got a bit heavy.. so I left it private in the next page!

 I will show you some close ups before I show you some steps on how I put this together

Now here are some ideas on building up your art journal page. You really need to forgive the light and colour in these images. I have 3 children, one of which is 4 months old and I can only do this at night LOL!

How does that look? Not too hard? I hope you give it a go :)

Thanks so much for dropping by today !

Materials List
GCD Studios Donna Salazar Designs Natural Beauty collection
GCD Studios Donna Salazar Mix'd Media Stax2
Dictionary paper
GCD Studios Donna Salazar Chipboard Alphas  - Fun & Funky
Clearsnap Donna Salazar Mix'd Media Inx Chiffon
Clearsnap Donna Salazar Smooch Spritz Mixed Berries
Fluid gesso, matte gel medium, black paint, black calligraphy pen, 2" circle punch, 1" square punch 

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  1. So fabulous, I am totally trying a couple of your techniques soon. I havent done art journaling for very long. I have had to get off my own case quite a few times. I love to watch videos of such talented artists, but then get discouraged when mine is not as good.

  2. I love this page. Thank you for the step by step directions they gave a great insight to your process. Love the black circles and dictionary paper. The mixed berries at the end added a lot; perfect finish.

  3. This is just amazing!! I adore the contrast between the circles and squares. Thanks so much for sharing your process. ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace