Thursday, March 31, 2016

Donna Salazar Designs NEW Site & Blog!!!

Hello my peeps! I've got EXCITING news!!! This is the very last blog post that will be posted here because I have a newly redesigned website that has my new Donna Salazar Designs blog right on it!!! 
Everything Girlie Grunge and Donna Salazar Designs will now be in one place!

You can see all of the Donna Salazar Designs licensed products and catch links to them (if available):
I'll be hosting my Donna Salazar Designs e-Classes from the new site too. 
Moving the e-Classes over made me realize how old some of them were so a lot of them are moving over to the FREE e-Class section (there are currently 5 there now) and the rest are getting re-vamped, updated, completely re-done or they are just going to e-Class heaven. I've also got a lot of new e-Classes in progress and am SUPER excited about my new "Joy of Upcycling Denim" 9 project bundle!!!
 If you have purchased any of the e-Classes on the Donna Salazar Designs Ning site download what you need now because the site will be closing down on April 15th. If you miss the window, don't worry... just e-mail me and I'll see what I can do about getting you what you need.
Another exciting feature is the Donna Salazar Designs Gallery. There are photos of some of our best and/or favorite projects in the gallery AND when you click on the photo you will be magically transported to the blog post (old blog or new blog) where the project was originally posted. So all the content that is on the site will remain.

Getting the site ready and up and running has been a total labor of love by my good friend Natasha Naranjo-Aguirre (everyone give her a shout out!). I've been focusing mostly on the blog and e-Classes and she has done almost everything else... including designing all the new logos... which I absolutely LOVE!!!

There is so much more to come... I'm quite excited and I hope you are too!!!

Thanks for stopping by (for the last time here)
Smooches ~D~

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